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Women Inspire: California Women Changing Our World

California Museum

Project Services

  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Motion graphics
  • CMS development
RLMG’s interactives, displays, and content management systems fold together to tell the story of California Women and the inspiring change they’ve brought to the world.


The California Museum devoted an all-new exhibit to the women of Golden State and their contributions to the fight for gender equality. RLMG and West Office worked in collaboration with the Museum to create an experience exploring the stories of over 250 notable women that encourages visitors to engage in reflection, inspiration, and a continuation of their work.


Visitors begin at an interactive exhibit highlighting landmark moments of California women’s history. They’re invited to explore a timeline that can be organized alphabetically or by birth year as well as filtered with tags highlighting various roles in history like activist, athlete, or poet. A ‘Surprise Me’ feature brings up a notable woman’s profile at random to bring newer additions or forgotten heroines back into the conversation. RLMG built a custom content management system (CMS) to keep the list up to date with contemporary women’s accomplishments along with rediscovered history.

At What Does Feminism Mean to You?, a touch screen prompts visitors to read six perspectives on feminism from notable women, ranging from Maya Angelou to Dolores Huerta, and vote on which aligns the most with their understanding of feminism. Visitors see the results before they share what feminism means to them in their own words. Their  statements  are broadcast across a display screen and museum staff can pick their favorite visitor statements to be included in the exhibit for future visitors to see.

Make Your Own Inspiration Video welcomes visitors to see themselves as changemakers alongside other women who inspire them with their bravery, artistry, or leadership.  Visitors choose three inspiring women, add their own descriptors from lists including words like curious, activist, and entrepreneurial and then record a ten second video of themselves embodying those qualities. The software then creates a custom collaged video that can be shared on a large display in the gallery. Videos can bring  home videos via email and share  on social media to ensure future California women can be informed and inspired by those of the past.

West Office
BBI Engineering
photos courtesy of West Office Exhibition Design