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Underwater Wonder

National Aquarium of Baltimore

Project Services

  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Animation
  • Video production
  • Sound design
In two projects for the National Aquarium, RLMG created media experiences that allow visitors to share their curiosity and connection to water and wildlife.


For the Blue Wonders exhibition, RLMG installed 6 touchscreen stations facing a large projection wall. From a menu of words, visitors compose a short phrase that expresses their thoughts about water. They then send their phrase to the wall, and like generative poetry, it appears in a wave-like animation with the collected contributions of other visitors.

Additionally, we created several original soundscapes to reflect the exhibition’s thematic areas. Ranging from waves lapping and shore bubbles to the rhythm of oars propelling a canoe, the sounds created an atmosphere both new and familiar, triggering visitors’ memories and sparking their curiosity.