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It Starts with the Brain


Project Services

  • Illustration
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
The Society for Neuroscience, a global organization of scientists and doctors who study the brain and the nervous system, came to RLMG to help it make the essential principles of neuroscience accessible to a general public. We created eight engaging videos available on BrainFacts.org.


Our challenge was how to design a unified suite of short videos that could cover a wide-ranging series of core principles – some that address biological detail (for instance, how electrical and chemical signals connect neurons) and others that address abstract concepts (such as the brain’s role in reasoning, memory making, emotion, etc.)

To address this blend of complex content, we worked with the Society to translate its list of facts into accurate yet engaging scripts. These scripts then formed the basis for the development of clear, captivating, motion graphics. We developed a graphic style that blended scientific and artistic visual languages, and unified the videos with color and texture. A bright, confident voice-over and subtle sound design helps make these videos informative and interesting for all viewers.