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Experiencing the Magic of Music

Canadian National Music Centre

Project Services

  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Motion graphics
  • Projection mapping
  • Sound design
For Calgary’s new institution dedicated to celebrating Canadian music, RLMG created immersive soundscapes, interactive recording booths, and professional-grade mixing stations that engage visitors in the discovery and creation of music.


The Challenge

In their new home at Studio Bell in Calgary, Alberta, the National Music Centre set out to create exhibitions that capture the shared experience of live music, the excitement of discovering new artists, and the challenge of playing an instrument. As the lead media producers, our job was to bring that vision to life through intuitive, immersive digital experiences.

Our Approach

We wanted to connect people to the music with as few barriers as possible, so we focused on the relationships between music and memory and the qualities of music that bring people together. At more than 15 stations throughout 5 galleries, RLMG created opportunities for visitors to celebrate and discover Canadian music from multiple perspectives.


Drop-in Zone is a dynamic and powerful introduction to the NMC experience. At a 98” display off the main lobby, groups of visitors can explore current exhibitions, see the day’s schedule, and plan their visit. With RLMG’s robust and customized content management system, museum staff can make updates easily, keeping content fresh and relevant.

Soundscapes Stage is a fully immersive, dynamic tapestry of Canadian music and imagery. We produced a 12-minute sequence of large-scale digital animations inspired by Canada’s signature landscapes, and an original mash-up of 30 popular Canadian songs. These digital elements were then carefully choreographed to work in partnership with large-scale environmental graphics. The effect is transportive, drawing visitors together in reflection and appreciation of a uniquely Canadian environment.

At Vocal Booths, RLGM developed advanced audio processing software that invites visitors to test their singing skills in a fun, karaoke-style activity. Visitors belt out their favorite tunes in studio-grade, sound-proof recording booths and receive feedback on their pitch and accuracy.

Mixing Board transforms the action of mixing music into a rich, multi-sensory experience. Using real mixing hardware, visitors manipulate the volume, tone, and reverb of popular Canadian songs. As they make adjustments, an ambient visualization responds in real-time, translating sounds into captivating imagery.

Haley Sharpe Design
Design & Production