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Connecting a Campus

Northeastern University

Project Services

  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Motion graphics
In two distinctive projects for Northeastern University, RLMG used technically powerful and visually striking media to engage students in the school’s vibrant culture and impressive history.


The Bernard M. Gordon Tribute to Engineering Leadership

Architecture, engineering, and digital storytelling are joined in a dynamic tribute to Northeastern’s legacy.

By their nature, archways are interactive; they invite us in and encourage us to engage while passing through. For the Bernard M. Gordon Tribute to Engineering Leadership Archway, we wanted to build upon this idea by adding a layer of dynamic content. The result is an immersive outdoor space that invites students and visitors to become part of Northeastern’s legacy of engineering innovation.

Curry Student Center

With a custom database and bold design presence, RLMG helped Northeastern University students get involved and stay informed about the groups and programs that matter to them most.

The John A. and Marcia E. Curry Student Center is a hub for community life at Northeastern University. With a mission to encourage self-directed activity and the free exchange of ideas, the University wanted to enhance this space with an experience that helped match individual students with the programs, organizations, and events most relevant to their needs and interests.


Positioned outside the Snell Engineering Center, the Bernard M. Gordon Tribute houses two LCD screens and an array of bright LEDs in its 13-foot archway. We created visual narratives that bring these screens to life with the stories of engineers like Dean Kamen and Kelly Johnson. Designed to withstand the unforgiving Northeast weather, the portal is housed in an aircraft grade exoskeleton and controlled by an intelligent internal cooling system.

At a 55” 4K touchscreen, students can explore different organizations from a menu of animating content or perform a more structured search based on their interests. We developed a robust content management system that draws information from Northeastern’s existing databases daily, making updating seamless and ensuring that students always have access to the most current information.