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Celebrating the sport and the spirit

The Sailing Museum

Project Services

  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Motion graphics
  • Video production
Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the high seas or just getting used to your sea legs, the Sailing Museum is the perfect spot to explore what happens when wind and water meet.


Located in the historic Armory Building in Newport, RI, the museum features 11,000 sf of exhibits that take you to sea and share the stories of the pros. Using a bracelet with a unique QR code, visitors create their own boat and collect virtual rewards as they complete activities. Their results are stored in a digital locker that they can visit anytime on the museum’s website.

They can use a tiller to navigate to the finishing line in a transpacific race, or test their strength and speed against those of the pros by using a hand-powered winch called a grinder to raise a mainsail. A touch-sensitive floor challenges visitors’ agility, testing the speed and accuracy of their footwork. In another experience, visitors use a wheel to navigate through a harbor to the dock, avoiding obstacles and on-coming boats along the way. In an immersive dome, visitors experience the thrill of a SailGP race from a first-person point of view, flying over the water at 60 mph on a hydrofoil boat, even capsizing. Finally, visitors can design their own burgee (those colorful triangular flags) and take it home from the gift shop.

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